Cape Porpoise Stool Company


The Story of a Stool

Nearly twenty years ago, Steve Hanson of Hanson Woodturning designed this stool in his shop on the coast of southern Maine. He worked alongside a good friend and fellow woodworker to craft that first set of ten stools. As more stools were built over the years, people sought Steve out to order their own after they’d sat on one at the house of a friend and family member.

The stool’s spare design has made it compatible with nearly any décor, whether traditional or contemporary. Its size and shape have also made it suitable for use all over the house, such as in the kitchen, a music room, a child’s room, and at a desk or bar.

This continued interest finally gave birth to the Cape Porpoise Stool Company.

Over the years, a few revisions and improvements have been made to the original design. The result is a refined, sophisticated stool whose outward appearance matches its inner integrity of craftsmanship.

The Quality is in the Details

While the original design featured mahogany seats, the stool is now offered in a choice of walnut or cherry seats. Ash is still used for the legs and stretchers because of its strength and contrasting color. Handsome rosewood splines lock the legs to the seat. We use the traditional technique of pinning the stretchers into the legs ensuring that the joint will not fail or loosen over time in the way that wooden chairs commonly do. Finally, each stool is hand-rubbed with a custom-mixed oil finish that both protects the wood and allows its color to become richer and slightly darker over time.

The result of combining these high-quality materials with hand-craftsmanship is a beautiful piece of furniture that will last generations—a stool that is as strong as it is comfortable to sit on.


Everyone likes a good value. The furniture we make isn't here today gone tomorrow. Thats the real value. These stools are built to last generations. Not something that will need to be replaced.

Options & Ordering

The Cape Porpoise Stool is available with a cherry or walnut seat.

We offer the stool in two different heights:
25 inches for countertops
31 inches for bar tops

We offer a discount for orders of more than three stools.
For more photos of the Cape Porpoise Stool, visit Hanson Woodturning.

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Cape Porpoise Maine 04014
phone/fax {207} 967-6085